Traditional water and oil gilding with gold leaf, silver, palladium, aluminum and “Dutch gold.” The Wilson Studio has extensive experience in gilding wood, metal, glass or stone objects. 


Restoration   Conservation  Reproduction

The studio repairs and restores damaged furniture and objets’ d’art. Repair work involves the fabrication of compromised structural elements or missing decorative details or the restoring of deteriorated gesso. The studio’s aesthetic philosophy is to preserve original materials and to replicate the original method of construction to the greatest extent possible. 


Lacquer  Japanning  Polychrome Finishes

Ms. Wilson and her assistants are experienced in applying pigments to match or enhance the color on damaged furniture. The studio is highly experienced in the various techniques of application of lacquer to seal the pigments, as it is in the art of “japanning,” or application of black lacquer.    



The limit of Ms. Wilson’s gilding and restoration services is defined by the client’s imagination. She has gilded basketballs (for presentation to Shaquille O’Neal) and beer bottles (for a Heineken promotional event) and pretty much everything in between. Her clients’ restoration needs have called upon her to reproduce objects in paper mache or verre eglomise, and her staff’s patience for prep-work from sanding to scrapping is formidable. Even if you think a gilding job or a restoration effort is not possible, contact the studio and obtain an experienced opinion. 


Sheelin Wilson will estimate in writing the cost of all projects. Clients wishing to purchase an object at auction, or otherwise, may obtain a pre-sale estimate of restoration costs. Estimates can often be made by examination of high quality photographs.